Specialist Services

  • Self-Managed Superfunds

Your Future is in your hands…

Under Australian superannuation law, you can choose to contribute your personal superannuation contributions (and in some cases direct your employer to pay employer contributions) to a superannuation fund of your choice.

A SMSF is a small superannuation trust that has the primary purpose of providing retirement benefits, where the members act as trustees. This means you control & run your own superfund by investing in what you want, when you want!

At Vega Advisory, we will make the job of setting up and managing your Super fund easier at affordable rates. Our packages have been designed to align your superannuation strategies with your financial goals and also ensure you comply with your legal obligations, tax and regulatory requirements.

Our Self-Managed Superfund services include:

-          Establishment of Self-Managed Superfunds

-          Annual Auditing

-          SMSF borrowing structures

-          Annual compliance and Tax returns

-          Advice concerning all aspects of SMSF management and regulatory compliance.

Contact us today to book a free initial consultation. Our friendly team can arrange a customized package to suit your needs.

  • Trusts

Choosing the right structure to hold and manage your assets is imperative for the outcome and security of your investment….

A trust is a legal entity that provides a valuable way of protecting the assets you worked hard to accumulate. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to provide on-going support for a beneficiary under your Will, to provide tax effective estate planning or to benefit a charity.

There are different types of trusts that can be established for different purposes. The most common of these trusts are: Discretionary trusts, Fixed unit trust and charitable trusts.

Trust Administration is a complex area with many pitfalls for the unwary or inexperienced. At Vega Advisory, we have the specialist skills to offer you an advice on the trust structures suitable for your needs, ensuring that all statutory requirements are met.

We can assist you with:

-          Choosing the right type of trust to meet your objectives

-          Trust Establishment

-          Minute keeping

-          Preparing and lodging Annual Accounts with the ATO

-          Distribution of income from your trust to beneficiaries.

Start securing your assets today, contact us to see how we can assist you.

  • Investment Properties

Whether you’re thinking of buying a rental property, renting out your current property, or thinking of selling it, you need to understand your record-keeping and tax obligations.

When you obtain a rental property, it’s important to start keeping records straight away. To work out your tax correctly, you’ll need records of who owns the property (you may co-own it with other people), the date and costs of buying it, and the ongoing rental income and expenses. This can be a daunting and costly task without an expert assistance.

At Vega Advisory, we offer you the expertise you need to manage and grow your property portfolio, we develop tax effective property investment strategies that suits your needs and meet your objectives.

We can help you:

-          Develop the most tax effective property investment strategy

-          Establish the correct structure to protect your investment

-          Turn your negative gearing into an important growth factor